All In One Hospice Care

We assembled an incredible team of experienced Qualified Nurses who are truly passionate about and committed to providing the highest quality care.

Personalized Care

All In One Hospice offers personalized care plan specific to each of our patients. This includes meal plan, medication, supplies, and medical services.

Trained Staff

All In One Hospice provides the coordinated services of an interdisciplinary team of professionals and trained volunteers through a personalized plan of care.

Health Specialists

We work with all kinds of specialists to come up with the best plan of care for each of our patients. Specialists such as Physical Therapists, Dieticians, etc.

Professional Hospice Care

About Us

All In One Hospice Care, Inc. is a Joint Commission accredited and Medicare certified hospice which provides an indivdualized program of physical, emotional, spirtual, and practical care for people in the last phases of a life-limiting illness. We strive to extend the highest level of courtesy and service to our patients and their families. Located in the heart of Van Nuys we cover all of Southern California.

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Our Mission

” We are dedicated to providing information, education and to family members throughout the process and enjoy our position as thought leaders in palliative medicine.”

All In One Hospice Care

More About Us

All in One Hospice Care provides comfort and quality of life during the last stages of illness, including but not limited to; advanced heart failure, End Stage Renal Disease, COPD, HIV/AIDS, advanced cancer, dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease, and ect…

In addition to providing the necessary medical care and pain management, hospice care also offers emotional and spiritual support to patients as well as their families who are also going through hard times.

Over two thirds of seniors who are eligible for hospice care are unaware of these benefits and moreover their insurance usually covers hospice care 100%, so they don’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Here at All in One Hospice Care, we provide our patients with trained physicians, nurses, nursing assistants, social workers, chaplains and volunteers, who work together to meet the unique needs of each family. We deliver all the necessary medications and equipment right to your door free of any cost to you. We are here for you 24/7 in case you need anything.


Hospice Care

A Total Focus On Patient Care

Our family care representatives are Social Workers and Personal Care Aides.

All in One Hospice Care

Services We Offer

All In One Hospice offers personalized care plans specific to each of our patients.

Hospice Care

Our care manager comes to you. we assess your needs and answer any questions you have, because learning about you allows us to set up a perfect care plan.

24/7 Nurses

All In One Hospice Care is dedicated to providing you with dignified care that promotes quality of life, comfort, and convenience.


Our knowledgeable nurses and doctors make sure to provide (if applicable) and administer medications to our patients to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Palliative care

We provide palliative care to all patients to improve their quality of life. Our care manager comes to you as we assess your needs and answer any questions you have - because learning about you allows us to set up a perfect care plan.


Our hospice-experienced doctors, passionate and certified nurses, caregivers, and volunteers work closely with our patients and their family member.


Our Hospice Care comes ready with almost any equipment needed to provide the best hospice care for each patient.

What People Say


All In One Hospice care has became of our family the moment they entered our life. They have made so much things much easier for us and provided support we couldn’t have received else where.

Angelina Collier

The team was so professional and helped my grandmother being taken care of. They improved many aspects of our life and the personal assistant provided to us knew what they were doing.

Hugh Kelley

Team of professionals have helped us to improve many aspects of our life, social life included. All In One Hospice care is amazing. My parents were finally able to flourish spiritually and mostly mentally. We have never been more alive as a family.

Angelina Collier